Jutpatti Card Game

This game is entertaining and a go-to card game among family members who have children since it is easy to play.


Jutpatti is a pretty simple game to understand and play for beginners.

Lots of fun

Lots of guest areas to get from Jutpatti.

Team mode

Compete with your family, friends or strangers.

Voice chat

Talk to each other while playing. Have fun with your family & friends.

Jutpatti Rules

How to play the Jutpatti Card Game

You can distribute an odd number of cards from five to eleven between two or more players, and keep half of the shuffled cards face-down. Turn by turn; you pick the card from the face-down deck or the one that the previous player throws. Once you pick the card, you have an even number of cards in your hand. Your target is to make sure that there is a pair for every card in your hand. In Jutpatti, a joker is assigned right after distributing the cards. After the cards are distributed, one card is turned, and the Joker card will be the one just above the turned card. For example, if you turn 8 as face-up, 9 is the joker; if J is face-up, then Q is the joker. A Joker card can be used as a replacement for any card to make a pair.

Winning Jutpatti Card Game

In the Jutpatti card game, whoever can pair all of their cards wins the game. Jutpatti can also be played in another way, which is counting points. After a player shows the cards, other players need to count their card numbers that are not paired. Many people play Jutpatti in this way. It makes it more entertaining because no one will know who the winner is unless one player exceeds 100 points.


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